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With the Centricity Platform, automatic backups of the production environment database run daily and are **maintained for 15 days**. The Centricity database can be restored from existing backups (automatic or ad-hoc), or to a specific point-in-time in the last 15 days. Daily backups of the production database are executed automatically, with no downtime. Backups are stored in multiple data centers within the same AWS Region of the Centricity Platform. To further minimize performance impact, the backups are executed between midnight and 2 AM UTC. In case of a failure where the database has been compromised or the data has been corrupted, a backup can be restored in less than 24 hours depending on the data volume. Centricity can restore the database to any point in time in the last 15 days. Once the restore operation is complete, the customer will be informed that the operation was completed successfully. Customers using direct database access will have to update their configurations to use the new database IP address. In the event of a database restore, Centricity will make the previous database available for direct database access by the customer for 15 days. The restore operation may take several hours and, once complete, there’s a period of downtime of about 15 minutes. If the restore is due to unexpected errors, the Centricity team may take the current database offline – in which case the downtime will last for the whole duration of the restore. During this downtime, neither the old or the restored database are available. Any data written to the current database after the restore is started will be available only via direct database access. As an exception, after a major software version upgrade, Centricity cannot restore backups to a point in time prior to the upgrade.

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