Version 9.119.1

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Release Date10 October 2019
Release Window19:00PM - 23:00PM (UTC+2)
Last Updated13 October 2019 at 16:31PM (UTC+2)


9.119.1 - Minor version release. Styling Improvements and Bug Fixes.

App store update

App Release: v9.85.1

UPDATE: 16:31PM 13 Oct'19 (UTC+2)

CEN-2821: A critical issue has been identified which results in certain mobile App users not being able to sync. No workarounds exists. The issue has been reported to the up-stream provider and a code-fix has been made available. We are in the process of releasing the update to the respective App Stores. We encourage all mobile App users to perform an App update as soon as possible in order to continue with normal operations. The App version will reflect as v9.85.1. .

An App update will be made available for download on the respective App Stores.

It is estimated for Android within 24 hours & iOS within 72 hours.


App Store Update Description: "Bug Fixes"

Impact: It is highly recommended to update to the latest version. Using an older version of the app might result in erroneous App behaviour due to deprecated plug-ins. 

Improvements in this release


App: Updated U.I Styling - On the header bar, the "LaunchPad" and "Dashboard" word-style buttons are removed in order to make enough room - as was observed on small devices, such as the iPhone5. There is not enough space left for the introduction of future buttons. In order to navigate to the Launchpad or Dashboard, press the Menu Button.


Fixes in this release