Version 9.207.1

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Release Date7 November 2019
Release Window19:00PM - 23:00PM (UTC+2)
Last Updated7 November 2019 at 16:24PM (UTC+2)


Platform v9.207.1 - Minor version release. Improvements, Bug Fixes and Important minimum device requirements.

App store update

App Release: v9.119

App Store Update Description: "Updated various plugins. Updated the minimum device requirements. Visit the Centricity Release Notes for more information:". 

Impact: It is highly recommended to update to the latest version. Using an older version of the app might result in erroneous App behaviour due to deprecated plug-ins. 

Important Notice pertaining minimum device requirements

Please take note that the minimum mobile device requirements has changed for Android. iOS is not affected with this upgrade. We first communicated this on 15th August 2019 with Centricity Release Note v9.113.

We need to perform this upgrade in order to align our mobile application packages with the evolution of Google’s Android Support Libraries(API level 28) / Third-party plugins.  This means that even though the App will continue to work, as soon as a new or updated plug-in is introduced the specific plug-in function may not be available or may impact existing functionality and subsequently not work on the device

  • The Centricity App is therefore only supported on devices running Android 5.x or later.
  • The Centricity App will not not be supported on devices running Android 4.x or lower.
  • Users on Android 4.x or lower will not be able to download or update the App going forward and recommend those users to replace their the devices.

The Full Specification on the mobile device requirements can be found here.

An App update will be made available for download on the respective App Stores. It is estimated for Android within 24 hours & iOS within 72 hours.

Android4.2 > 5.0
iOS4.2 > 5.0

Improvements in this release


App: Sync Icon - 'The Sync Icon' will now be visible on the following screens:

  • Container Header Bar
  • Home Screen
  • Launchpad

Web: SLA Dashboard - Permission Update:

  • Only Users belonging to the Administrator Role will be able to see all jobs of all users in the organisation.
  • Users not belonging to the administrator role should only see their own jobs.

Fixes in this release