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Release Date1st of May 2019
Release Window

02:00AM - 03:00AM (UTC+2)

Last Updated

1st of May 2019 at 18:05PM (UTC+2)

App store update

App Release v9.71: An App update will be made available for download on the respective App Stores.


 RELEASED Post this Release: It is estimated for Android within 24 hours  & iOS within 72 hours.

App Store Update Description: 

  • "Plug-in updates"
  • "Version correction"
  • "Bug fixes"

Impact: It is highly recommended to update to the latest version. Using an older version of the app might result in erroneous App behaviour due to deprecated plug-ins. 

A new look and feel is being introduced for the mobile app

This major update will be released as an "in-app" update. Some minor styling elements might have been changed since the publishing of this release note. 

 Please find below screenshots detailing important changes:

  • Improved Styling.
  • Easier Navigation and readability. 
  • A new Icon set for a cleaner look.

The screenshot illustrations used below are from the standard Centricity App.

Some minor styling elements might have been changed since the publishing of this release note. 

The New Interface


Dashboard - Main

  • Added the Dashboard and Launchpad navigation buttons.

  • Job filter buttons can be collapsed to create more real estate.

  • Main Menu  is accessible above the filter buttons, on the right hand side.

Dashboard - Date Picker

  • The Date Pickeris placed at the top right section on the dashboard.

  • Additional filtering options for Week/Month.

  • When the date picker is set to Week/Month views then the job cards are grouped by dates and summarised by weeks as shown here. For example, there are a total of 16 Jobs for the week of 8 - 14 April. By selecting the 10th of April, would then expand to show 2 job cards. 


  • Added the Dashboard and Launchpad navigation buttons. No need to open Main Menu to navigate.
  • Added a Search option to the left of the Main Menu icon 
  • A change org button is shown if you belong to more than one organisation.
  • Below the org logo, the Published and Testing options are shown only if a user has access to a flow which is in a Verified State.

  • Flows and Containers are now clearly separated. 
  • Selecting a container navigates into it so that the name and description is shown at the top and below and any flows and sub-containers it contains. 
  • You can select the back-button at the top left to return to the previous screen.

  • The Start Job and Schedule Job buttons are spanned across the screen. 

Execution - General

  • The Flow name, Step Name and Step Description, is clearly shown on the left. 
  • The Job History button has changed to an eye: 
  • The controls are clearly styled with the label name in bold text and the evidence text values below it.
  • The Mandatory indicator " * " appears after the label name.
  • In execution, the Job reference number appears at the top left.

Execution - Controls

  • The Evidence Controls, some listed here, have new standardised styling with easier click areas that spans the width of the screen. Easier reading and a cleaner look.
  • Updated icons sets have been introduced. 

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